Advantages of Phone Coaching

Let’s take a look at the advantages of phone coaching because, in my view, it is really superior to face-to-face coaching and will enable you to easily step-up to the next level in your life.

Effectiveness of Audio (not video)

  • Focus/ intensity: communicating by pure language and tonality enables us both to achieve higher levels of focus and intensity and liberates our intuition strongly in our sessions
  • Minimizes distractions: distractions take you away from what you want to achieve and put you back into your comfort zone
  • Clearer understanding: by cutting out extraneous visual cues your intuition can make leaps of understanding
  • Stronger cues: pitch, tonality and vocal volume provide unambiguous and clear pathways to expression
  • Non-judgmental: lack of visual information avoids many stereotypes and allows easier non-judgmental assessments

Recent studies show clearly that people often hide their real intent or emotions with their facial expressions. Whereas, the tone of voice they use more often yields the truth of their inner selves (see American Psychological Association)


The expertise you are looking for from your selected coach, exactly when, where and how you need it.


Whenever you meet someone for the first time, there are immediate concerns that need to be dealt with:

  • Physical safety: this is a primary concern in face-to-face interactions in unknown territory, that is totally avoided with phone coaching
  • Emotional safety: most people find opening up on the phone easier than in face-to-face relationships
  • Comfort: you can present yourself from the comfort of your own environment in your own way without any concern. This enables us to co-create a nicer, more friendly and more comfortable atmosphere as a base for discussions
  • Privacy: phones provide some of the best privacy available
  • You retain total control at all times: you always have the option to stop the conversation at any moment if you feel uncomfortable


  • Location: anywhere your phone gets a suitable signal
  • Timing: at a time suitable for you


  • Immediacy: simply give me a call on Skype
  • Flexibility: As you wish
  • Availability: when you wish
  • Time-Saving: no travel time
  • Efficiency: no waiting, just do it

Highest Quality at Lowest Cost

For you and for me: it’s the simplest and cheapest method of connecting so you get the very best quality service from me at the lowest cost… every time we talk











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