Phone Better Than Video

New research shows that communicating by phone is better than video for comprehending emotions and intent.

Researcher Michael Kraus from Yale School of Management says that “Our research points to the voice as the most viable channel for emotion perception.”

It’s my experience and my reason to move to exclusively phone coaching that people often hide their real intent or emotions with their facial expressions.

Whereas, the tone of voice, the words they use and the pauses they create more often yield the real truth of their inner selves.


In turn, these results highlight the importance of listening.

And this listening is the core of all my coaching sessions.

It is listening and empathy on my part that enables trust to develop that provides the support for my clients.

Only then are clients prepared to take the leap of faith required to change their current lives for the better.

As Kraus says. “Understanding other people’s intentions is foundational to success in the global and diverse business environment that characterizes both the present and the future.”

(see Yale University Insights)


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