What I Do for You

I will help you contribute your unique skills to the world, so helping to make you more fulfilled, more excited, and more enthusiastic about your life.

Let’s face it, you have something more that you are passionate about than your job makes real use of. That passion can also be used to benefit yourself and others, so making you and everyone around you happier, closer, and fundamentally richer than ever before.

But, sadly, my guidance is not for everyone nor even for the many. Only a very few people will follow a personal quest program and reap the unique benefits.

My guidance is more for your heart and less for your head.

Personal Quest Program Guidance

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi, Sufi poet

I find that my own destiny is to guide a few people and change the world one person at a time, hopefully for the better.

If you are pursuing your “ultimate” personal quest it will most likely be what I would call your gift to the world, or perhaps, your legacy. What you achieve will be the fulfilment of your own potential, whatever that is. It may also be your destiny.

So I have been a life coach off and on since 2009, but against that, medical problems and family needs have been a higher priority. As my child grows up I find more of an urge now to guide others based on what I have learned from these profound life-changing experiences.

I began my own personal quest many years ago in the 1960’s with meditation and yoga, then in the 1970’s with philosophical readings. 1974 was my most significant year with a revelatory experience of transcendence that was stunning, unique and might I say, even mystical.

Of course, we all want mystical experiences because they can be awe-inspiring, but I think I have already had my fair share. However, I can at least guarantee you one mystical experience which is… life itself.

Then the 80’s and 90’s were a spiritually fallow period when I slavishly focused on the world of work. But then in 1997 I came to Singapore and experienced some significant changes to my life and my viewpoint in a number of cycles that climaxed with a cataclysmic change of perspective in 2006.

My Two Proposals

  1. Sharing: My proposal to you is that I will put together the teachings that have helped me in the hope that some of these ways of seeing life will have an impact on you too. I love it when you react to what I say and take the time to write a comment for or against what I suggest.
  2. Personal Quest Program: The guidance I offer is highly personalised and is about creating themes in your life that make sense and achieve the results that only you want. It all starts with meaning, purpose and a spark of destiny, for only that way will you find the motivation to follow through on life-changing actions.

The Objective of The Personal Quest Program

You may be seeking structured personal coaching for various reasons, but however you look at it, it is always about WINNING in some area of life, for example, in the external world with wealth creation, business, sports, personal attributes, significance as a performer, etc.

But there is also winning in your internal world where you are on a personal quest to find yourself, or discover meaning or purpose or many other things too.

This personal quest program is where I have the greatest experience, but unlike the guru who is already some way down the path, I cannot expect you to follow me too closely. For it must be your path that you follow and not mine. I will instead offer you insights on how the landscape looks and how best to navigate it.

I feel having someone as a co-traveller is something of great value, especially in the early stages of your quest or for when you get mired down or off centre.

The Legend of the Keys

So let me inspire you now with a legend from long ago that features a hard-fought struggle between gods and men.

Two of the sacred treasures that the gods held dear were the Keys to Will and Fortune.

But as men fought, they started to gain the upper hand, and the gods, in a panic, decided to hide their precious keys far away, safely, where they would never be found.

But where?

Eventually, the shrewdest of the gods came up with the idea to hide their treasured keys in full view, yet in a place where men would never think to look… deep within our dreams.

And so it was.

My Expertise

The areas of the personal quest that I have found the most appealing in the last 10 years have been in the realms of existential well-being, dream, myths and legends, and even mystical tarot cards as a source of archetypal images.

Will and fortune provide the framework within which to access your personal solutions. The Keys must be discovered in your inner world. They will allow you to harmonise with your fortune and give you the power to shape your destiny.

Once your Keys are discovered,  you will determine your direction and find your motivation. Then foresight and preparation will enable you to make headway in your personal quest.

It then becomes a pleasure to be alive.

Take care.

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