The Modern Age

The modern age is in an existential crisis

Let me show you how I can typically take you through various healing stages to overcome a  problem and find your success. The benefits are obvious:

  1. Denial is often the first response and you may feel numb or simply stunned. You may continue your daily routine even though it may not be appropriate, or you may just stop. Transition Coaching is about listening and leads to a confirmation of various facets of the problem.
  2. Entrapment: A feeling that there is no way out. Or maybe anger or raw fear show up. Transition Coaching looks for further clarity and examines your values and beliefs leading to an understanding of your “blocks”.
  3. Exploration: Starts with acceptance of where you are and what has happened and focuses on creating your options. Understanding that there are options leads to the beginning of hope and even excitement as momentum is beginning to build up, maybe even taking a whole new direction.
  4. Selection: You begin to see many possibilities but you also need to select the appropriate ones that create a coherent set of changes that will constitute a plan. Commitment to action and timescale is created here.
  5. Monitoring: Once the action is started then you have to check that your actions are indeed producing the results you want, otherwise, changes in the approach need to be made. A plan, followed by action, followed by monitoring will often yield amazing results in a very short time.

Our Model


Straight, no fuss but rich and comprehensive coaching on any concern or aspiration you have.


Let’s be clear that the ONLY people who will benefit from Classic Coaching are those who have the following items already sorted.
You must:
– Be committed to taking decisions to grow
– Have a real need that just has to be met
– Take full responsibility for yourself

To see some of my experiences of using Classic Personal Quest Coaching take a look at some success stories.
In the longer term, the Benefits of Classic Coaching are:
1. Getting absolute clarity on what you must achieve
2. Working smarter to achieve your make real progress
3. Re-balancing your work and life activities
4. Making better decisions in your life
5. Earning the money you are truly worth and deserve
6. Stretching beyond your current situation to the next level
7. Re-energizing your work and life

So, choose the path that best suits you.