Correct Philosophy

But which personal philosophy is correct?

Everyone has a personal philosophy. It’s just your understanding of the world you live in. It’s the model you use to determine what to do next. It’s your perspective on a situation. And so on.

Which personal philosophy you choose to use can make all the difference,

Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor”

in how your life works out.”

– Jim Rohn

So how do you choose which personal philosophy to believe?

Which Philosophy?

Well, my first point would be that the moment you believe a personal philosophy you are simply stuck. You will find it very difficult to move forward in unknown territory once you adopt a belief precisely because you believe it. You become dogmatic and you start to be intolerant of other people’s beliefs because you now believe yours is true.

My second point is that you may be choosing between two philosophies that practically guide you the same way in life, but they are described in very different ways.

For example, a physicist might tell you that Einstein’s theory of gravity is better than Newton’s theory of gravity. But for most practical purposes, both theories lead to the same result (except for very tiny differences that are almost unnoticeable in our community unless you closely study the orbit of the planet Mercury, say)

However, these theories are totally different in the way they describe what gravity is and how it comes about and what it’s consequences may be. And thinking in terms of Einstein’s theory will lead to totally different ways of expanding or extending further research into gravity.

So which theory or philosophy is best? Which one should I use?

The Answer

The answer to this conundrum is that we need to hold both theories in our heads at the same time. Because when we meet a problem with one theory we can view that same problem through the other theory and perhaps one of these theories will give us enormous insights into how to solve that problem.

  • The same is true (even more so, I feel) with personal philosophies, as follows:
  • Never believe or buy-in to any personal philosophy but instead be curious
  • Try to have in your head many different personal philosophies at the same time
  • Different personal philosophies will always yield very different insights
  • Choose the personal philosophy that is most appropriate at the time you are dealing with a particular problem and do be open to other ways of thinking about the problem and use different perspectives to come to conclusions regarding the likely outcomes of your problem
  • No personal philosophy is either right or wrong, but one is simply more appropriate than another in that situation you are in.

So read widely on different personal philosophies and discuss how to use them with your professional coach to enable you to see the best way forward and take the right actions that are appropriate in your unique situation.

Stay open to new ideas.