Create Your Unique Life

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

– Bible – Matthew 6:21

In creating your unique life, you will want to store up your learning, your knowledge and your experiences. So that when challenges show up in your life (and they almost always do eventually) you know where to go inside yourself to find the support you need when everything seems in a state of jeopardy.

It’s a place where I have been on numerous occasions in my own life, and the way I have found to identify the treasures to be stored away is as follows:

  1. Listen to your Heart: When a great idea bubbles up into your mind, take a note of it before it slips away. If you record these thoughts in a journal, you will begin to see clear messages that you maybe ought to pay attention to.
  2. Take Action: Ask yourself each day, “What can I do today to feel good?” or “What can I do today to take that next step forward?” All longer journeys or big ideas take some time to achieve them so take care to just focus on that next step.
  3. Share with your Family/Friends: Honour your family and your closest and most trusted friends by acknowledging that you can help each other make important changes in your lives. Then share your ideas with them, listen to their reactions, and seek mutual support.

Then I like to have topics or categories to store up these reserves as follows:

Gain Self-Knowledge

To have self-knowledge is to understand your own representation of the world and how it fits with your internal mind.

We would all like to understand this theme as part of our personal quest. This is easier if it’s coherent, without holes and without contradictions. That way the predictions and decisions you will make about your role in the future will be more holistic, reliable, reasonable and intuitive.

Develop Your Talents

Everyone has one thing that they can do better than anyone else in the world and there lies the means to your success.

A burning desire is often the primary factor that determines what you will succeed in best of all. Then the crystallisation of that desire to create a definite purpose yields a plan with sufficient appropriate action to achieve your desires.

Live-Up to Your Potential

This is a belief that one has a purpose in life that is pre-ordained somehow. Some people go beyond that and think it is their unavoidable fate. But it doesn’t matter in practice, because to the person with that destiny, all obstacles just miraculously melt away, one-by-one.

All you need is a “cubic centimetre of opportunity” and you will spot it and act upon it immediately. But be careful it is not just some impulsive reaction to events. Your personal potential is the invisible path that only you, the person with that destiny, can see.

Increase Your Quality of Life

Today it is a common viewpoint that if you want to succeed, you need to make a difference in the world. The opposite is also an accepted truth, that is that unless you do change the world for the better in your lifetime, then you have failed as a human being.

These ideas are more simplistic than I would like. Perhaps the essence of success or failure in your life does depend on what you achieve, but I think it depends more on who we become as people. I think this path better determines your quality of life.

Your Direction

Next, you are going to need a map to guide you on your personal quest and that requires some answers to the following:

Does your life make you feel good? Do you help those around you to feel good and feel happy too?

How about your success in life? Are you actually achieving what you believe to be your true potential? Do you cause exhilaration or frustration for the special people in your life?

What about your future? Are you on track to be the person you really want to become? Will your closest and trusted friends be proud to say they are associated with you?

If not, then who will you become instead? What regrets will you have?  

If you are ready now to take that decision to create your own unique life. A life you will be proud of, and you are also ready to build the quality of life you and your family fully deserve, then read on…

“Do you know what the scariest thing is? To not know your place in this world, to not know why you’re here”

-Elijah Price in the film Unbreakable

In balancing your work, life and other factors you need to set a direction that climbs in the direction you want at least for now. But it’s also ok to change that direction as you learn more about yourself. You simply may not have all the information you need at the moment to make a bolder direction.

Setting a direction is like setting the sails on a sailing boat. These settings interact with the wind to carry you on your journey through life. The fantastic thing about it is that you do not need to provide all the energy for that journey. All you need to do is harness the wind and set the direction of travel. It’s so much easier than you think.

You may Benefit from Sharing with a Partner

This is about finding what your inner-self requires of you in order to fulfil your personal destiny. It dates back to the magical realms of antiquity but the process remains the same, as follows:


  • Listening very carefully to your hopes, fears and obligations. You can apply tools such as narratives and sharing sessions to uncover what you really want in your life.
  • Clarifying your feelings regarding your values, beliefs and stories that you currently have available to you.
  • Checking again for any issues, conflicts or problems that may arise that block you from moving forward. Identify those areas of conflict or congruity.
  • Exploring different directions to achieve your success. Taking the wrong path is inevitable at least some of the time. The best tools here may be the symbolism of your dreams or by using focusing, active imagination or dream re-entry.
  • Deciding what to do next and committing to your own direction with a plan of the primary actions and a commitment to some broad timings.

Finally, monitoring the whole process and re-evaluating your progress based on your results to ensure you are getting the benefits you were originally expecting.

I find more mystical techniques here are enriching. So try using tarot cards or other archetypal images, together with your deep cultural narratives, to prompt you to “fill in the gaps”. This can be very helpful at earlier stages too or perhaps when you go round the process again because it’s an iterative process we are talking about here and not a one-off exercise.

“He who cannot draw on three thousand years is living from hand to mouth”

– Goethe, the greatest of German poets and writers

My Personal Research

I also continue to conduct research into developing practical techniques for embarking on your Personal Quest that leverage our internal narratives from dreams, tarot and cultural narratives because…

“nothing contains more of our own work than our dreams!”

– according to the philosopher, Nietzsche

Also, there are clear links between dreams, cultural narratives and mystical methods such as tarot cards. So what applies to one often applies to all.

Most people are tasked by society, “What will you become in your life? And the responses are mainly like, “I want to be…” an educator, a pioneer, a game changer, a life-saver, a musician, an inspirational speaker,  etc.

But in order to become one of those “Whats” you need to have developed into the right kind of “Who” to accomplish these culturally defined obligations. That “Who” needs to be the kind of person who will stand up to the rigours of training or the thankless struggling to achieve the required end result.

Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur and motivational speaker of the past said,

“After you become a millionaire, you can give all of your money away because what’s important is not the million dollars; what’s important is the person you have become in the process of becoming a millionaire. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.”