Find Your Spirit Guide

Have you connected with your spirit guide?

Everyone has a spirit guide. Some people call them angels or guardian angels or maybe simply nature spirits.  It all depends on your background or religion.

The question is “Do you believe that spirits of some kind populate the world?”

My own view is that if you don’t recognise spirits in nature or in the heavens or in yourself then what have you got? Nothing!

How do we know they are there?

Well, you just have to pay attention. For example, when “coincidences” occur in your life do you see them as just coincidences or do you realise that these are part of the communications of your spirit guide.

It reminds me of a joke that goes something like this. A railway worker was crossing a railway track and slipped and got his foot caught in some points. As he struggled to free himself a train came into sight that would surely kill him. So the worker prayed to God to free him and offered all kinds of penances as his desperation grew. Then as the train was almost upon him he managed to pull his foot free and get out of the way. So he called out to God saying, “It’s ok. I freed myself. I don’t need you now, but thanks anyway for being there.”

Surely, the railway worker realised that God saved him but he chose to disregard that interpretation because it was more convenient and avoided the penances he had agreed.

Where are they?

Spirit Guides are around us all the time, and we would do well to recognise them and communicate with them better so we can learn things. They are here to help.

We also meet them in dreams, in contemplation, and when we are in full “flow”. They assist us in subtle ways and we would be in poor shape without them.

So recognise your Spirit Guide and get to know them better and you will have a happier life.

The Kingdom of Heaven

I do not practice a religion, but my background is Church of England so I often relate to that religious sect first. Here is another quote from the Bible that I find interesting:

Jesus was asked by the Pharisees when the Kingdom of God would come, he answered them,

“The Kingdom of God doesn’t come with observation; neither will they say, ‘Look, here!’ or, ‘Look, there!’ for behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.

– The Bible: Luke 17:20-21

Luke is saying that it’s inside you but it’s also outside of you too! And it can be found through your consciousness, through your intuition, through your personal insight.

This “secret teaching” that Luke claims knowledge of is that when you know yourself in this way, “God” will be awakened within you and you will discover that the divine realm is also within you.

Therefore, it makes sense that any Spirit Guide will ask you to search within yourself to find the answers you seek. This is the landscape you need to know better. This should be the focus of every Personal Quest.

To repeat… to know yourself means to have a real experiential insight into your own “divine identity” that is found through your Personal Quest.