Ultimate Freedom Trail

My Ultimate Freedom Trail Program, powered by tarot archetypes, frees your mind from the inside out, bypasses your blind spots and moves you to achieve your true potential.

This is the comprehensive program that integrates my other programs into a clear and well-defined path. It can’t be achieved in less than 3 months and more likely will take over 6 months.

You can see a practical example proposal/guide at this link.

Facts or Stories

“Facts are better than myths for understanding the world”

– Hans Rosling, Global Statistical Guru

While I fully agree with this quote it misses the whole point of life. Sorry, Hans!

What about understanding the human condition and our place in the world?

What about our wellbeing?

I find the stories we tell ourselves are far stronger than facts. But of course, we mustn’t forget the facts either as we are all grounded in reality come what may. It’s a balance.

Together we will stabilise and take stock of where you are, explore your possible futures then take steps in your preferred direction by achieving the two items here:

  • Create your stable space and ask: How are you right now? What are your passions, priorities, joys? How do you see yourself being the best you can be?
  • Develop your personal program: Who will you become? This is not self-improvement, it’s rediscovering you. It’s reawakening your spirit to take action!

We will also use quantity measures from the start and then every month to record your progress.

The Process

Through the following techniques…

  • Listening to your concerns
  • Helping you to discover new possibilities or opportunities
  • Supporting you, as your coach, in taking actions in the direction you choose

We will find out

  • Why you are here: What is the problem? How is it affecting you? What actions can you take today to improve things?
  • Identify the deeper dynamics of your concerns: Using your inner felt-senses. Find root causes. Unearth your internal dynamics (ie what is going on here?). Reflect on and test out your deepest concerns
  • Create a Support System for Action/Relief/Hope
  • Re-invent your habits: By outline plan of actions/possibilities and identifying additional resources as needed
  • Discover what you really do want
  • Overcome your distractions/inattention
  • Tap into ancient knowledge (For example, see Triumphal Tarot)

Ideas We Will Consider

Everyone has been told about the following being important to their lives, but we will consider them one by one, if necessary, to draw out meaning from them:

Tools We Will Use

  1. Dream interpretation/analysis
  2. Identify/Interpret Signature Tarot Cards
  3. Focusing on inner experiences
  4. Ancient Wisdom from Legends/Tales/Stories
  5. Active imagination/ dream re-entry
  6. Find Your Spirit Guide
  7. Learn various tools, say, to follow the silver thread, avoid inattention, etc.
  8. Visualisation exercises/meditations for exploration of your personal inner world

My Observations from Experience

According to my readings and my observations, there are 4 things that help to make life more acceptable:

  1. We are part of the fabric of the world, so whatever we do to the world we also do to ourselves. There is no distance between ourselves and the world.
  2. As a result… We change, along with everything else, as time carries all before it. Nothing ever stays the same.
  3. We are all programmed by biology and culture to see the world as we do and to give meaning to the world as we do. But we could also easily see things so differently too.
  4. We are not our experiences but we do experience. There can be a palpable distance between ourselves and our experiences.

When Nietzsche coined the phrase “amor fati”, meaning “the love of our fate”, he meant for people to adopt an attitude that positively embraces the good and the bad in everything we experience throughout our lives.

But… it’s not easy!

Choose the path that suits you.

Still… Lots more to come…