Live Your Dream

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true”

– Abdul Kalam

To live your dream is often the phrase used by many people meaning to live a good life, with all the health, wealth and happiness that that entails.

And so it turns out that dreaming is essential in the pursuit of your goals,

“by exploring your night-time dreams you can also help to make

your daytime dreams come true” 

Yes… you may need to read that line above again, so please do so.

My Aim

My overall aim is to help people make their dreams come true.

But there are problems along the way.

Suppose you decide that you want to make your dreams come true.

The biggest problem you will find is that you get stuck at various points along the way. And the only person who can resolve that situation when it arises is yourself.

One of my own sayings is,

“If you find yourself following a path to your goal, you are going the wrong way!”

you are going the wrong way!”

And that is simply a statement that if you are following a path, it is someone else’s path and not your own. So it will not take you to your goal and perhaps not even to their goal either.

Your Goal

Maybe you are struggling even now to juggle your own business or artistic goal with raising a family and helping your spouse and helping your extended family too.

Perhaps you have even got a written plan to achieve your goal but deep down you are exhausted, unfulfilled and possibly frustrated by being stuck.

You are probably thinking you can achieve more, be a better spouse, be fitter, be healthier, and maybe even manage other things too. The list can seem endless.

We Can Do It Together

What I can do is to help you to identify the ideas, the habits, the thoughts, the beliefs, etc that makes you stuck and keeps you stuck.

It seems simple, but like any other change of perspective or how you think, it’s difficult to do alone.

Most people have the same thoughts and do the same things over and over and over again. I am sure you can relate to that. Endless repetitions that carry you through each day.

Take a look at some of my experiences on my success stories page.

How To Get Unstuck

It must happen at an emotional level in order to change anything.

Reasons are good but emotions are better and are what motivate you.

So the solution requires you having someone to listen to you and identify how you can think differently, change your perspective, and take new actions effortlessly.

That is where the shift takes place.

If you change your emotional responses then new habits build up to get you beyond that stuck place simply and easily.

Your Primary Tools

The primary tools you need are:

  • Someone to listen to you. But they must be able to hear what you are really saying.
  • Someone to help you realise that there are always more solutions to a challenging situation than you can imagine or see on your own. You are probably stuck because you think you must do either this or that. But life is not like that.
  • Someone who can encourage you to identify alternative options that unfold in novel ways that are not simply either/or choices. This often includes combinations of options you currently see or introduces you to ways of seeing that you hadn’t thought of explicitly.
  • Someone who is not you to introduce you to different perspectives and possibilities.
  • Someone who is not you to help you make the connections between these ideas and your emotional drivers that will carry you forward on a wave of enthusiasm to reach your goals.
  • Someone who will ask you to consider what it would be like to allow yourself to be different from how you currently believe you are supposed to be.

A decision now to do these things will carry you forward with momentum and purpose.

Once you move away from comparing yourself to appreciating yourself, then everything will change for you.

You already have all the solutions to your stuckness, but they are hidden in your unconscious mind yet revealed in your dreams.

Your Dreams

Both Freud and Jung considered dreams to be the primary pathway to that vast ocean of the unconscious mind that you need access to, to fix your problems, to break out the benefits, and to make your dreams come true.

When exploring your dreams you always need to start with the

  • Intuitive rather than the logical
  • Creative rather than the prescriptive
  • Magical rather than the mundane
  • Future rather than the past

So bring your problems to your dreams and find out how they can help you.

Don’t let your dreams die from neglect.

Connect with them and set them free.