Personal Path

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” – 

– Joseph Campbell

Your Personal Path

To follow your own path to your destiny requires you being authentic to yourself. This is a major form of success in life.

It may, or may not, bring fame, fortune, friends and family, which can turn out to be transitory. But this path will certainly be deeply rewarding as you make it your own.

To be on your path will give you a deep sense of engagement and presence. It feels exhilarating and real at every moment.

How to Follow Your Path?

To follow your path feels like following the almost invisible trail of an animal through a forest.

There are just hints of a trail, there are occasional clues, there may even be a glimpse of the animal you stalk.

The important thing is not to give up.

You may lose the trail every now and then. So you may have to back-track and look around to pick up the trail again.

The trail may very subtle compared with everyday living because it’s simply the energy trace of the wisdom that resides in you.

Giving up is not an option if you want the prize of a fulfilling life.

However, if you also have an experienced scout with you as a guide and companion then so much the better. But only you can decide what direction to go in!

Your Uniqueness

Finally, if you happen to find you are on a path where there are signs that others have been before you, then that is a strong hint that you are in the wrong place and on the wrong path.

We are not role-modelling here, everyone has to find their own unique path.

Your Refusal of the Call

Destiny has a habit of calling you up on more than one occasion. So refusal of a call to adventure is not a one-time event.

Unfortunately, to refuse such a call is often what most people would call “good judgement” because it may not be the more conventional approach to life.

When a call to adventure comes you may well have other duties, obligations, security, enjoyable pursuits, etc.

You probably feel pretty comfortable with your life and you may not want to rock the boat.

But, according to many experienced people, once a call is announced, you may be in for a rough ride.

To be a little melodramatic… according to the mythologist Joseph Campbell,

“Refusal of the summons converts the adventure into its negative” and

“Your flowering world becomes a wasteland of dry stones and your life feels meaningless” and

“All you can do is create new problems for yourself and await the gradual approach of your disintegration”

Strong stuff.