Personal Philosophy

According to Jim Rohn,

if you want to change any of the basic things in your life

(like money, prestige, health, and such),

you must first change your personal philosophy.


But what do we mean by “philosophy”?

Philosophy literally means the “love of wisdom”, but academic philosophers can make it seem much more complicated.

Actually, I think the personal philosophy that Jim Rohn was talking about was really a philosophy for living, which I translate as “your personal myth“.

Stay Practical

As a practical person, I see your personal philosophy as being about seeking to understand various fundamental truths about yourself.

Everyone seems to have a philosophy, as exhibited by their values, beliefs and the way they behave.

That’s why, here in Personal Quest Coaching, you may need to delve quite deeply inside yourself to find the clues you need to guide you back onto your own chosen path.

In my view, any worthy philosophy needs to guide you clearly and simply on “what to do next”.

PS I also enjoyed this quote from Mary Oliver, an American poet who said,

Instructions for living a life

Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”