Personal Quests can be conducted or approached in many ways. I have expertise on the landscape but there are many paths to you might follow.

However, the basis and purpose of all the paths must never be forgotten and that is we are trying to bring the light of consciousness to illuminate our unconscious selves, and thereby integrate and make whole who we are as people.

This is the only way to “recover the treasures of life” and gain the “wisdom and the power to serve others“. For we will always do more for the ones we love than we would ever do for ourselves alone. (See My About Page)

By doing these things we will experience the wholeness and enlargement of ourselves as people in all areas of our lives, for example, in our relationships, in our humanity, in our joy, in our wellbeing, in our culture, in our intellect, etc, and even in our wealth or maybe in a 1960’s style ego-trip, if that is what we choose.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”

– Jesus saying number 70 in the Gospel of Thomas

Proposed Program Paths

I have pre-prepared a few of these paths as follows:

  • Crisis
  • Classic
  • Dream Path
  • Triumphal Tarot
  • Ultimate Freedom Trail

The Crisis

In a crisis, you may benefit from talking to a Professional Best Friend such as me. It’s a few “initial care” sessions before progressing to one of the other programs below.

The Classic

Coaching has developed over the past 30 years and perhaps this more traditional way suits you best. The modern age is in an existential crisis but I can take you from Crisis to Fulfilment through this approach.

The Dream Path

As a long time practitioner of dream interpretation, dream analysis and lucid dreaming, I will guide you through the use of your dreams to gain access to your inner powers and resources that go beyond the ordinary.

The Triumphal Tarot

Many people have already sought more meaning in their lives through esoteric methods such as astrology, psychic modes and tarot cards. I have re-discovered in the tarot cards their pathway to fulfilment that dates back hundreds of years and is a powerful approach to your desired result.

The Ultimate Freedom Trail

The freedom approach is to simply follow your intuition. I will seek to discover with you where you currently are regarding yourself so we can work together to find the most enjoyable and fruitful way forward to enhance your purposeful life that you may be unaware of right now.

I have found it helpful to use ancient and modern narratives as a guide for this ultimate freedom approach as many people naturally identify with the protagonists in stories and movies. From the ancient world we have Homer’s Odyssey or Dante’s Divine Comedy, and from more modern times we have movies such as The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, The Wizard of Oz, Rocky, etc.

So, What is Coaching Exactly?

Can you make your life be better?

Yes, you can!

I offer these highly personalised guidance programs that identify the specific themes in your life that already make total sense to you. This will then enable you to focus and to achieve the results you really want so very much.

It all starts with this spark of destiny that awakens your inner calling… starting right now.

The best way to describe what a coach does is to consider the following on, “how to ride a bicycle“:

  • A Counsellor will explore with you how you will feel as you learn and also when you have finally mastered bike riding
  • A Consultant will provide you with a book, a manual and technical details about riding a bike based on research studies
  • A Trainer will show you, stage-by-stage, how to ride properly according to the best practices as laid down by the National Bicycle Riding Regulator or Industry Group

However, as your Coach, I will simply encourage you to just get on the bike to get a sense of it before holding on to the back of your saddle and say “OK! Get peddling and I will help to support you.”

This leads to faster results, an opportunity for you to use your own ideas, and a real sense of achievement for you.

PS. This description of coaching is based on a story I heard over a decade ago and it still holds true today. I suspect the idea was old even then but I don’t know its true origin.

Obstacles to Change

In my experience, the primary obstacles to change are:

  • Self deception: This is simply part of the human condition. We are experts in self-deception and it permeates everything we do unless we face our fears.
  • Inflexible fixation: The problem here is that even as new evidence comes in you may be so attached to your current narrative that you ignore it. Our models need to adjust and develop.
  • Perpetual change: This is another fact of life that we need to accept. The best response is to anticipate, adapt and become more fluid.

What I Do

Personal Quest Coaching is about finding what your inner-self requires you to fulfil your destiny. It dates back to the magical realms of antiquity and involves a mix of the following tools and techniques that are unique to me:

  • Listening very carefully to your hopes, fears and commitments
  • Using narratives to uncover what you really want in life
  • Understanding the values, beliefs and stories that you currently have available to you from your earlier life
  • Exploring the symbols of your dreams to look for areas of conflict and congruity
  • Using focusing, active imagination or dream re-entry techniques as necessary
  • Prompting you with tarot cards or other archetypal images to “fill in the gaps”
  • Re-evaluating your obligations, values and direction to become who you are meant to be

I also continue to conduct research into developing practical techniques for Personal Quest Coaching that leverage our internal narratives from dream, tarot, myths and legends because…

“nothing contains more of our own work than our dreams!”
– according to the philosopher, Nietzsche