Ult. Freedom Trail Example

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An Example Guide for The Ultimate Freedom Trail

During a little over 3 months, with 1 pre-overview session plus 3 sessions a month, you will:

  • Create your stable space and ask: How are you right now? What are your passions, priorities, joys? How do you see yourself being the best you can be?
  • Develop your personal program: Who will you become? This is not self-improvement, it’s rediscovering you. It’s reawakening your spirit to take action!

Example Quest Program

Calling it a Quest Program can lead some people to think there is a well-trodden trail to follow. That may be true but it is not the intention to lead anyone along this track, but simply to describe that others have been some of these ways before.

The essence of this approach is that it is your decision on what path you take because only you can be the expert in your own life. You are the leader and I am the follower.

At the start of your journey, it helps to have a plan but we will certainly deviate from this plan, so think of it more as a “rolling plan” that will be constantly updated as we progress.

So spontaneity, creativity and perhaps our joint intuition or maybe even your guiding spirit will constantly change the path we follow. It may be that the plan we create together rapidly becomes more a list of recurring themes you will take us through on your journey.

Neither of us yet know which paths you will actually choose to explore nor what wonders you will discover on the way.

Example of a 3-Month Starting Plan

Here is an example of a 3-month personal quest program for the ultimate freedom trail proposal. The 10 sessions spread over a little more than 3 months might pan out as follows:

  1.  Pre-Overview: Where are you now? Wheel of Life; What’s your quest? Your current orientation, life map, initial tools selection, Tarot trump selection.
  2. Roadmap proposals: Hot spots regarding issues, relationships, inner and outer commitments. Tarot insights. Further tool selection/practice.
  3. Tool use 1: eg. Dream Analysis. Interpreting data, relating it to current reality, insights and impact on your roadmap.
  4. Progress review: How is it working out so far on current issues?
  5. Tool use 2: eg. Narratives. Use of role models, Tarot archetypes, exploring different paths, seeking further insights and updating of road-map.
  6. Direction setting: Setting priorities, setting major themes, using intuition and insights to chart a course.
  7. Progress review: Achievements to date, taking stock. Dream/Tarot/Narrative review.
  8. Tool use 3: eg. Micro-Focusing. Interpreting data, relating it to your future, further insights and updating your roadmap.
  9. Integration discussion, use of mind maps, consolidation of insights
  10. 3-month review: Progress, achievements, Who are you now? etc. Future considerations.

Additional Selectable Tools

Throughout the program, there are techniques to use and re-use to gain insights. These are about discovering more about yourself and the depth of your inner resources.

  • Dream interpretation
  • Multiple Tarot Card analyses
  • Deeper Focusing
  • More Ancient Wisdom from Legends/Tales/Stories
  • Active imagination/ dream re-entry/journaling
  • Attention/mindfulness
  • Visualisation exercises for inner exploration
  • Learn when, and when not, to take a leap of faith

NB. You may notice that I never use the word or idea of goals or objectives. It can be a little difficult to avoid such things during normal speech, but it is important here to understand that it is “process” that is important and not your “goals”. Time changes everything so goals are simply ephemeral concepts or landmarks en route but never places to stop for too long.