Success Formula

According to Napoleon Hill, author of “think and grow rich”, there is one thing that you can do better than anyone else in the world and there lie the means to your success.

The Steps Involved

  1. A burning desire is a key factor that determines what you will succeed in best of all.
  2. Then the crystallisation of that desire to create a definite purpose yields a plan with sufficient appropriate action to achieve your goal.
  3. To achieve anything you must know what you want when you want it, why you want it, and how you intend to get it.
  4. Remember to place all your eggs in one basket and then watch nobody kicks it over!
  5. Finally, you need to identify your supporters to help you to turn your plans into reality.

Seeking out appropriate personal quest coaching is an ideal way to kick-start this whole process.

Life Prompts

There are many paths to success. What’s yours?

Hopefully, you are already successful in your life. You may be fortunate and have a steady job. You may have a partner. You may have somewhere to live. You may be surrounded by a beautiful environment.

So what are you planning to do next?

Have you thought about what you will spend your time doing? Will it satisfy you? Will it electrify you and quicken your heart?

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”
– John Lennon

Maybe now you feel a little restless. Maybe it is time for you? Or have you found your desire that carries more than a hint of destiny in the air?

Don’t let fear get in your way.

So listen and hear your body’s cry for adventure, for its fulfilment is born in your dreams and in the depths of your psyche.

Maybe now is the time.

If you ignore it or refuse, then destiny may leave you as one of those “dime a dozen” people in stagnation, or worse still, as a broken and empty shell.

How will you respond?

Don’t you just feel a deep sense that something is pushing up from the ground of your being, and urging you to listen and take action?

Please don’t ignore life’s prompts whether from your dreams or from the real world.