Success Stories

“The purpose of life is not so much to be happy, as it is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson (American writer & poet)

Thank you for coming here to read some success stories I have been had the privilege to be involved in. I hope you will find your own success too.

Personal Coaching

“Peter is an excellent coach, pushing his clients to pulverize their self-imposed limitations. We are all affected by bias in one form or another, usually, because we are too close to the problem to see the abundant plethora of solutions. When you find yourself stuck, talking to Peter is probably the best thing you could possibly do. Highly recommended” – Dan B. from Connecticut, USA.

“Peter is an amazingly effective coach who can achieve results in a very short time” – Ferhan B. from Toronto, Canada.

“Peter helped me significantly in reaching my objectives. With his experience and knowledge he helped me achieving the results I was aiming for” – Raf A. from Shanghai, China

“Peter is a world-class professional coach with total dedication, immense drive and missionary zeal” – Dr Mohan B. from Massachusetts, USA

“Peter did a great job of listening and coming up with specific ideas for my situation. He was very reassuring, but more importantly, directed me to take specific actions” – Jeff C. from Seattle, USA

“Over a four month period of coaching, Peter provided powerful support and a gentle guiding presence — always with a sense of humor, lightness of spirit and contagious enthusiasm. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone looking for an extraordinary coaching experience” – Elizabeth A. from Rome, Italy

“This guy is good! He digs deep and pulls the issues out of me – with great precision and accuracy every time” – Joel B. from Arizona, USA

“An hour with Peter could not only propel your career but also help you find clarity and purpose” – so says another of my personal coaching clients in the USA.

Tarot Insights

“The accuracy of Peter’s Tarot Card reading was incredible (and I’m not easily convinced by these things, seeing as I have a background as a research consultant). Whether you’ve had a reading before or not, if you want to try this, I highly recommend Peter as the person to deliver your reading and results to you!” – Annette P. from Ontario, Canada

“Thank you so much, Peter, for your wonderful reading. There’s a lot of truth in what you say and I can relate to everything mentioned” – Francis N. from London, UK

“Wow! Thank you so much, Peter, for the Tarot Card Reading. This was just phenomenal, incredible. I just cannot believe it. You were right on with what you have said. I will recommend you to anyone who wants a tarot card reading. You are amazing!” – Alain A. from Montreal, Canada


I have even had comments on my dreaming blog that have been so nice, such as one that said

“Wow, you know your stuff.”

Thanks! But the answer is that I am still learning with you all.

Life Prompts

There are many paths to success. What’s yours?

Hopefully, you are already successful in your life. You may be fortunate and have a steady job. You may have a partner. You may have somewhere to live. You may be surrounded by a beautiful environment.

So what are you planning to do next?

Have you thought about what you will spend your time doing? Will it satisfy you? Will it electrify you and quicken your heart?

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”
– John Lennon

Maybe now you feel a little restless. Maybe it is time for you? Or have you found your desire that carries more than a hint of destiny in the air.

Don’t let fear get in your way.

So listen and hear your body’s cry for adventure, for its fulfilment is born in your dreams and in the depths of your psyche.

Maybe now is the time.

If you ignore it or refuse, then destiny may leave you as one of those “dime a dozen” people in stagnation, or worse still, as a broken and empty shell.

For a more detailed discussion see the slide show here about why you should be serious about becoming you!

How will you respond?

Don’t you just feel a deep sense that something is pushing up from the ground of your being, and urging you to listen and take action?

Please don’t ignore life’s prompts whether from your dreams or from the real world.

What I Do

Personal Quest Coaching is about finding what your inner-self requires you to fulfil your destiny. It dates back to the magical realms of antiquity and involves a mix of the following tools and techniques that are unique to me:

  • Listening very carefully to your hopes, fears and commitments
  • Using narratives to uncover what you really want in life
  • Understanding the values, beliefs and stories that you currently have available to you from your earlier life
  • Exploring the symbols of your dreams to look for areas of conflict and congruity
  • Using focusing, active imagination or dream re-entry techniques as necessary
  • Prompting you with tarot cards or other archetypal images to “fill in the gaps”
  • Re-evaluating your obligations, values and direction to become who you are meant to be

I also continue to conduct research into developing practical techniques for Personal Quest Coaching that leverage our internal narratives from dream, tarot, myths and legends because…

“nothing contains more of our own work than our dreams!”
– according to the philosopher, Nietzsche