The Voyage Home

The voyage home can only begin after the voyage away, but many people seem to get so caught up in their daring adventures of life that they forget why they went in the first place.

But all voyages are Journeys of Destiny whether they are the outward bound or homeward bound legs. The biggest problem is to forget there is a destination.

If you are already proficient in Lucid Dreaming you will know that you need to remember, in your dream state, to recognise that you are in fact dreaming. But you can’t use a Post-It note as a reminder because there is nowhere to stick it in your dream. You have to associate remembering with some other prompt.

This is so in life too.

We all enjoy living in comfort and security. As the psychologist, Maslow says, first comes survival then security. So you are probably currently living and working in your normal society and doing normal things, some of which are boring but some of which you enjoy. And you have probably forgotten why you are doing these things.

The Dream Prompt

Dreams often contain prompts to remember where you are going if only you can recognise them

So have you ever had a dream that unsettles you sufficiently for you to remember it vividly? Did it leave you feeling that you were missing out on something? Did you experience an enthusiasm in your dream that left clues when you look back on it?

If you have, then I recommend you keep some balance and not take any extreme positions as a result of your dream because it may change your life forever by unsettling you from your current malaise.

Btw. Do you know that the word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek word  “enthousiasmos” that means divine inspiration, or filled with God?

Some Dream Examples

In your dream, you may have met an unsuitable or worrisome kind of person who makes you an offer, or somehow entices you to go somewhere you don’t normally go.

This person often attracts you by hooking something from a place deep within your imagination.

Alternatively, you may find yourself in a tricky situation often as a result of a simple error or blunder of almost trivial proportion. Or maybe someone or something catches your eye and lures you away from your usual surroundings and into a place you don’t fully understand.

These are some of the many ways you can be reminded that your voyage home needs to begin.

This is what happened to Odysseus when he sets off for Ithaca after the Trojan Wars but is lured into a pirate raid on the town of Ismarus, which turns out to be a disaster. But it is a “fortunate” disaster for him because instead to simply getting back to where he used to live, he actually takes a learning journey home.

Even more so, Odysseus’ journey home all takes place in a dreamscape.

En route, Odysseus is taken to unknown realms where he gets a wealth of experiences but faces enormous dangers too. These realms are enchanted lands with strange people, or monsters or various torments, various delights and, of course, some fantastic adventures.

Follow Your Dream Home

To get where you currently are in life, you have already encountered many adventures.

Your first was probably your trauma of being born. But since then you have had different adventures suitable for your different stages of life.

When you are young the future is full of potential and everything in life. When you were in our early teens you were called upon to move from a position of dependency in your family to that of a responsible adult in society. This may have taken years to accomplish but it happened.

In mid-life you may have suffered various physical, mental or emotional crises due to the ravages of time.

In old age, you may have little to look forward to, but the present can take on magical characteristics and luminosity.

You always need to respond appropriately to that stage you are at in life in order to take your voyage home.

But to get stuck in a comfortable place is probably the worst thing that can happen in my view because you are delaying or totally missing the later stages of your journey and that can have bad consequences for you and those who depend on you.

I remember Helen Keller (the deaf/blind American Author) once said

“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”