Triumphal Tarot

Benefits of Triumphal Tarot

The Tarot Trump Cards are a powerful tool for gaining insights into the inner reaches of yourself and into where your life is currently heading.

It’s not so much that the pictures on the cards carry any special magic, but more that your reaction to the cards and discussion about the cards can yield insights you never dreamt of.

The cards have a knack of “tuning in” to your life-energy to help you identify your strengths/weaknesses that create your current behaviour patterns so as to enable you to

  • Maximise your upcoming opportunities while avoiding major threats.
  • Gain insights into your relationships, finances and well-being.
  • Identify your true direction, aspirations and driving forces
  • Discover your inner confidence, faith and beliefs
  • Take control of your life-journey.
  • Find out more about who you are and your purpose in life.
  • You can achieve these things by using Tarot readings to:
  • Make better and more responsible choices
  • Find what to focus on now to make your life better
  • Be better prepared for the future.
  • Gain confidence in yourself
  • Find hidden secrets within yourself.
  • Overcome uncertainties in your life and your environment.
  • Avoid mistakes and wrong decisions
  • Learn to be an intuitive and decisive leader
  • Re-affirm your direction in life or empower yourself to change that direction.

How I Use Tarot Trumps

I use Tarot Trump Cards in my coaching to help:

  • Reveal a web of connections born long ago
  • Use Archetypal Images that resonate
  • Tap into the energy of the universe
  • Create new meaning for you
  • Lead you to the transcendent that holds the keys to your successes

To find out more about my experience using Tarot cards in general, take a look at my success stories.

Beyond the Basics

If it suits you, we will further explore the depths of your sympathetic Tarot archetypes to take you beyond to:

  • Empower yourself and take better control of your life right now
  • Determine the actions you want to take
  • Support your progress in carrying out those items

Further Benefits

More specifically, the benefits of using Tarot trumps are:

  • Making a realistic assessment of your current situation
  • Clarifying your current direction
  • Taking more personal involvement
  • Being more independent, more resilient, more focused
  • Overcoming the current challenges or issues with greater ease
  • Creating more time to invest in yourself for a more successful future

Maybe you want more information about how The Soul’s Journey relates to dream and to life. Well, above is something that the later Tarot Trumps tell us of the context of our dreams.

Many of the images of dreamscapes can be anticipated through the Tarot story that describes a map of the terrain that you may encounter in your search for meaning and happiness as your life develops.


So can you solve your current issues with only more knowledge? If you add more effort will that do it? Can you achieve success entirely alone?

Maybe, but I believe you can do a whole lot better if you have some support, the opportunity to share, a sounding board for your ideas and concerns, more encouragement, careful questioning, clearer paths and the like.

In this fast paced world, who can really spare you the time, attention, experience and impartiality? Who can focus totally on your needs and enable you to come to your own personal decisions without pressure or bias?

So, choose the path that best suits you.